Adressing unmet medical needs

in transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery by patient-focused, solution-driven, collaborative research 

Our mission

to improve the clinical care of patients who need to undergo transplantation or hepatobiliary surgery

Our goal

to develop and accelerate the translation of research to patient care 

Our strength

to identify unmet medical needs in routine clinical practice and bring new, high-quality, transformative products back to the bedside.

Our approach

to bring together basic scientists, surgeons and  external technology partners with specific area of expertise for agile, patient-focused, solution-driven development

About us 

We are an academic research group of the Department of General-, Visceral- and Transplant Surgery of LMU Klinikum M√ľnchen with a main focus on transplant and hepatobiliary surgery.

Our research group 1) investigates the possibilities of inducing local acceptance of the allograft through immune-editing, 2) develops machine perfusion as a platform for ex vivo pre-treatment of donor organs, 3) investigates the feasibility of xenotransplantation with immunological modified pig donor organs, and 4) develops artificial intelligence algorithms for organ allocation and therapy pathways in transplantation and liver surgery.